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12 Month Still Life with Cathy Pearce

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  1. Introduction

  2. Month 1
    Breaking your pastels in half
  3. Mark Making
  4. Month 2
    Dexterity and handling
  5. Month 3 - Pottery
  6. Materials Needed
  7. Exercise 1 and 2
  8. Exercise 3 and 4
  9. Month 4 - Flowers
    Materials Needed
  10. Exercise 1
  11. Exercise 2
  12. Exercise 3
  13. Month 5 - Painting Glass
    Materials Needed
  14. Month 6 - Reflections
  15. Guide
  16. Demo
  17. Month 7 - In The Garden
  18. Video
  19. Month 8 - Sketching With Pastels In The Garden
    Video and Guidance
  20. Month 9 - Choose a Favourite Item to Study
  21. Video
  22. Month 10 - Seasonal dried seed heads and a return to some expressive mark making
  23. Video
  24. Month 11 - Finding an Exciting Composition
  25. Video
  26. Month 12 - Christmas Baubles
  27. Video

Here is my favourite item, a little yellow jug made by my husband.  

The materials I am using are quite basic and include the Unison Colour pastels as above selected from my usual workshop 36 set and a couple of colours from my bright 8 set.

Cartridge paper at least size A3, I am working larger on Legion Lenox 100.  

The idea of this month’s tutorial is to learn how to understand your still life from studying the objects within it and there is no better way to do this than by observing and drawing them from every angle. My introduction video explains why this is important. The remaining videos are there for you to watch how I tackle the challenges of my jug and I have chosen not to give you a voiceover but I have kept the sound on as I love the noise the pastels make on paper!  


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