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Each month we’ll have a hand picked selection of brand new and exclusive online trainings, workshops, PDF guides and live Q&A’s.

We’ll make sure there’s a range of tuition materials to suit all experience levels – from absolute pastel beginners to professional artists. There’s bound to be something for everyone every month.

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Beginner’s Path

Our recommended path for beginner's, bringing together various Pastel Academy courses covering a range of topics and styles.

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Intermediate Path

If you've completed the Beginner's path, the Intermediate Path is the next step with a more advanced selection of courses.

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Advanced Path

If you've got a good grip on the foundational pastelling skills, this path takes you through the more advanced courses at the Pastel Academy.

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Frisket Masking with Tricia Findlay

A demonstration in using Frisket Masking film to create the background of a bird painting.

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Painterly Skies Using Only 3 Colours with Stephen Fuller

Stephen shows you how to paint a sky in a painterly and loose style with only 3 colours in a 15 minute tutorial.

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Simplifying A Winter Lake with Tracey Maras

A written guide on avoiding the trap of trying to include everything from a reference photo.

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Moody Blues with Lucy Brangwin

An introduction to blending with fingers as well as some blending of pastel on pastel, using a limited grey and blue palette with some sandy tones to create a moody scene.

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Cottage In Snow with Steve Hall

Steve guides you through creating his snow scene from a photograph of a cottage, without the snow!

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Snow Shadows with Fiona Carvell

Fiona teaches you how to work quickly, resulting in more lively and expressive mark making, with 46 minutes of video tuition.

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Cat’s Eyes with Tricia Findlay

Tricia guides you through painting a cat's eyes in a realistic style, with 80 minutes of video tuition.

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Puffin Tutorial with Su Melville

Join Su as she guides you through painting Puffins with over 1 hour 40 mins of video tutorial.

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Landscape painting by Julie Skoda

Limited Palette Landscape with Julie Skoda

Follow along with Julie Skoda as she creates a landscape using limited colours.

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Abstract Still Life by Caitlin Heslop.

Drawing From Nature with an Abstract Colour Palette with Caitlin Heslop

Join Caitlin as she guides you through 15 minutes of video to produce a unique still life abstract.

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Masking Tecniques with Unison Colour Soft Pastels with Robert Dutton

Robert's written guide covers some Innovative pastel techniques.

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Working with a Limited Colour Palette with Liz Myhill

A written guide about focussing on the most meaningful colours to compliment your subject.

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Autumn Leaves with Fiona Carvell

Join Fiona for 2 hours of tuition, painting a still life of Autumn leaves.

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Developing a Portrait Profile with Denise Findlay

Learn how Denise develops a soft pastel portrait using pastels (along with pastel pencils) to layer, blend and block in to create a beautiful painting.

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Portrait painting of a young women.

Portrait of a Young Women with Lynn Howarth

A 2 hour demo where you can work along with me to create a portrait of a young woman with long blonde hair. The main focus is on getting really complementary and realistic skintones.

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Dhinawan Emu with Brent Emerson

Join Brent for some vivid Aboriginal art, painting a pair of Dhinawan Emus.

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North Carr Lane with Peter Wood

Join Peter for a plein air session with lots of tips and lessons.

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Sunflower Collage with Judy Tate

Create a still life floral painting that is lively and colourful with lots of exciting mark making.

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Clouds with Susan Klabak

An in-depth written guide on painting clouds.

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Catch a Wave with Jeff Fioravanti

A written guide taking you through the creation of a Seascape.

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12 Squares with Alison Berrett

A short, inspiring video with Alison Berrett on working on a miniature scale.

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