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12 Month Still Life with Cathy Pearce

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  1. Introduction

  2. Month 1
    Breaking your pastels in half
  3. Mark Making
  4. Month 2
    Dexterity and handling
  5. Month 3 - Pottery
  6. Materials Needed
  7. Exercise 1 and 2
  8. Exercise 3 and 4
  9. Month 4 - Flowers
    Materials Needed
  10. Exercise 1
  11. Exercise 2
  12. Exercise 3
  13. Month 5 - Painting Glass
    Materials Needed
  14. Month 6 - Reflections
  15. Guide
  16. Demo
  17. Month 7 - In The Garden
  18. Video
  19. Month 8 - Sketching With Pastels In The Garden
    Video and Guidance
  20. Month 9 - Choose a Favourite Item to Study
  21. Video
  22. Month 10 - Seasonal dried seed heads and a return to some expressive mark making
  23. Video
  24. Month 11 - Finding an Exciting Composition
  25. Video
  26. Month 12 - Christmas Baubles
  27. Video

Christmas Baubles for a bright, festive splash of colour

Materials needed;

  • A collection of your favourite baubles
  • Unison Colour pastels in a variety of bright colours
  • Sanded paper ideally Fisher400 taped to drawing boards
  • Craft knife  
  • Small size silicone spatula for blending

I have used some dried echinops to hang the baubles from and also have a mirror for some colourful reflections.

In the video I show you round my set-up with the baubles hanging and also show you what fun it is to observe the baubles reflected in a mirror. As with all still life set-ups, get into the practice of seeing the objects on different levels and be a little inventive. Avoid being content with the obvious as that is usually the easiest option. You will learn much more by being experimental and investigative in your approach.

I have included a photo of the piece that I did with the baubles sitting on the mirror which creates something quite exciting to look at but to help you get started the piece I have filmed is hanging baubles. Once you get to grips with this subject then try them in different positions or combined with other objects. Have a play with them and as always I would love to see your examples on the dedicated Facebook page.


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