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Pastelling Skills.

Are you looking for ways to improve your pastel work?

Learn and grow with the world's best Pastel Artists

Each month you’ll get brand new tuition from a selection of our Associate Artists.

Learn how to select the most appropriate pastel paper for your style and application.

Learn how to blend the smoothest backgrounds without overloading the paper.

Learn about materials and equipment, and how to set up your studio like a pro!

What will you find at the Pastel Academy?

Each month we’ll have a hand picked selection of brand new and exclusive online trainings, workshops, PDF guides and live Q&A’s.

We’ll make sure there’s a range of tuition materials to suit all experience levels – from absolute pastel beginners to professional artists. There’s bound to be something for everyone every month.

We’ve also set up a new members-only Pastel Academy Facebook group – where we can all discuss what we’ve learned, get access to the artist tutors and share our experiences.

Included with Membership

The Magic of Colour with Julie Swan

Julie Swan covers the relationship between colours in this written guide.

Included with Membership

Capturing the Different Textures in Birds with Kit Gray

Kit explains the importance of textures, and how to capture all the different textures in birds.

Included with Membership
Forest Glow pastel course with Nina Squire.

Forest Glow with Nina Squire

Paint a woodland scene in low sun with a 1 hour demo from Nina Squire.

Included with Membership

Advanced Path

If you've got a good grip on the foundational pastelling skills, this path takes you through the more advanced courses at the Pastel Academy.

Included with Membership

Intermediate Path

If you've completed the Beginner's path, the Intermediate Path is the next step with a more advanced selection of courses.

Included with Membership

Loch Teacuis with Peter Wood

Paint the beautiful Scottish scene with Peter Wood, with 50 minutes of video tutorial.

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Frequently asked questions...

How do I access courses at Pastel Academy?

Access to Pastel Academy courses is by subscription.

How much does it cost?

Monthly Plan

You can subscribe to Pastel Academy for just £19.99 every month. There’s absolutely no ties-ins and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Yearly Plan

You can choose to pay annually for £199, saving on 2 months.

But we have a fantastic trial offer for you – we’re giving you the chance to try our new Pastel Academy for a month for only £1 – available on either plan.

What does a subscription get me?

Paid up members get unrestricted access to all the courses here on the Pastel Academy website.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You can choose not to renew your monthly subscription, and upon expiry you will lose access to all courses, and miss out on any future courses.

I have other questions!

No problem. Drop us an email at support@pastel.academy and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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