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Unison Colour pastels in a variety of colours suitable for the subject.

White Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper in a size easy to take on holiday, taped around each edge onto a board ideally 5mm Foamboard to make it lightweight. Sgraffito tools which could be golf tee, mini wooden BBQ stick, pebbles, stones, etc. I shall be using a wooden picnic knife and fork!

These are the colours I took with me to Cornwall which consist of my usual workshop set of 36 colours which you will have seen many times before (left) and a box of extra blues from the OB ocean blue range as well as from BG blue greens and an additional few greens and warm colours (right). I didn’t take any sgraffito tools with me so I picked up a couple of pebbles and a supermarket wooden picnic knife and fork which I’m happy to say worked brilliantly. This is such a good tip… be inventive when you need something you didn’t bring with you because you’ll always discover something new. The picnic fork particularly is a wonderful addition to my sgraffito tool collection.


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