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Winter Reflections with Lucy Brangwin

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Materials and tips

This demo uses Pastelmat in Sand. I have used a piece approx 30cm x 40cm. I have done work throughs of this painting on more economical Canson Mi-Teintes which was fun too. But I like the precision you can get easily on pastelmat or a surface like Canson Mi-Teintes Touch.

Don’t worry if you don’t have my exact colours in pastels or pencils, any neutral greys and earth tones work for the trees. It is important to have a bright white and a deep dark for highlights and contrasts.

My paper is taped to my tilted drawing table, this allows excess pastel dust to fall down into the attached dust tray. From time to time you may need to tap your table/board or lightly blow away any dust build up (ensuring it is nowhere near your cup of tea!!!).

You may like to use a blending tool for the texture of the bark on the trees. You can use a silicone tipped blender, a piece of packing polystyrene or just leave the marks of the pastel sticks used on their edges – I will show you all three during my video

Keep kitchen paper, a cloth or baby wipes at hand to ensure clean fingers and avoid muddy blending.

Assess your progress by standing back every so often to gauge if your marks and tones feel balanced or if some areas need more work.

You can always add more detail and definition and tweak the piece as you go along.

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy the process.

HAVE FUN !!!!!

Unison Colour Pastels

  • Grey 7
  • Grey 8
  • Grey 13 (or your darkest near black)
  • Grey 16
  • Grey 18
  • Grey 26
  • Grey 28 (or your brightest white)
  • Additional 7
  • Additional 19
  • Additional 25
  • Additional 31
  • Additional 33
  • Red Earth 3
  • Red 18
  • Portrait 3
  • Orange 5

Pastel Pencils

A selection of brown tones, grey tones and a black.

Colours are fluid and there are no hard and fast rules. You can substitute depending what choices you have in your collection.


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