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Equipment list

Unison Colour

Yellow 11, YGE 9, Dark 13/12, A27, Grey 28, 8, 9, Blue Violet 8, 9

Additional 19, 49, BE6, A37 White is grey 28 and my darkest is Grey 13

Faber Castell Pitt Pastel

101, 103, 140, 157, 170, 187, 181, 270, 233, 179, 199 or similar range

Paper – I’m using Fisher 400  – you can use Uart 400 or Art Spectrum Colourfix  – A4 size

Brushes – 1inch hog haired Flat or similar

Prepare your workstation – have several clean brushes, clean pots, kitchen roll and liquid.

I use vodka to liquify pastels as it evaporates quickly. Try your pastels to see how they behave with different liquids. They all respond differently.

It is not necessary to have the same colours as me but using different brands and paper will produce different results. Good quality pastels on a good quality surface will create less dust and more vibrant colours.


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