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Although I usually work from photos as the colours and shapes in the sky change so rapidly, I use this photo as a ‘starting point’ and let the work evolve and develop away from a ‘copy’ of the photo. 

We will explore and experiment with layers of colour and work towards our own interpretation of this sunset piece. I will show you a blending technique that I use to build multiple layers.

Techniques you’ll learn…

We will work on Clairefontaine Pastel Mat paper with Unison Colour pastels. A quick sketch will be all we need before plunging straight in and building our first layers of colour.

You will learn to choose your palette and work with harmonious colours. In five clear stages we will focus on a number of skills including:

  • applying the pastels – how much pressure to use and the mark-making, plus how and when to blend.
  • Building subsequent layers to develop movement, depth and textures and how the colours can interact to create beautiful effects.
  • Handling and using a shaper tool as well as working on balance, composition and layout.

Above all, you will learn to let the work develop and evolve as we create our own interpretations of this amazing sky.


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