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Sandra’s Notes for Clouds

General details

These apply to each video

All demonstrations use Clairefontaine Pastel Mat for the surface and Unison Soft Colour Pastels. Other pastels will also work, but need to be of a similar quality to these to be able to build the layers.

Other equipment used includes a Colour Shaper Tool. I use a soft size 10 flat chisel for most of the work. I also use a smaller shaper for occasional fine details.

These videos can be used to work with any photo or sketches you have of grey and white clouds.

When adding pastel or blending your layers, always pay attention to the amount of pressure you are using. This affects the either the amount of pastel on the surface and how strong subsequent effect is OR the amount the colours underneath mix with the colour you are blending

Further Details

General thoughts

When you begin to add your second layer to your work, try to always have at least 3 shades in the cloud range you are working in. For example, a set of three mid grey tones- that range from light to dark within the mid range.

In my work, I believe in not trying and match the colour in the photo when I start. I try to work towards that colour using multiple hues and shades- and I feel this builds up a more natural effect creating subtle changes of tone.

Don’t over work the piece with the shaper tool. Reserve that for details and edges.

Above all, have fun! As long as you stick to an initial colour palette of harmonious colours before blending, you’ll have lots of exciting outcomes as you explore building your layers.


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