Bold And Playful Still Life with Amy Shuckburgh

How to do a still life in a loose, energetic, vivid style.

In this exercise, you will enjoy the feeling of the pastels, you will spend time looking and really seeing – in fact feeling – the colour and form. You will play. Play is the most important part of creating. You will not feel stifled by any rules that may exist. In this exercise you will gain confidence to pick up bold colours and use them with gusto. You will look and think and feel what you are seeing. And put some of that tingling life and energy onto your page.

Once you’ve done one drawing – why not get a new piece of paper and have another go! 

Have fun!

This tutorial will give you an animated demonstration of how to capture a still life in dynamic marks and vibrant colour. 

It is for intermediate artists. Some confidence using the pastels is a bonus, but this task can be enjoyed by artists with any level of experience.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons