5 Day Pastel Challenge: Explore An Evocative Evening Sky with Sandra Orme

Mon 21st - Fri 25th August 2023

This 5 day pastel challenge, with award winning pastel artist Sandra Orme, will take you through creating beautiful clouds in an evening sky using Unison Colour Pastels ‘Sky’ set on Pastel Mat paper. You will learn how to use layers of pastel and a colour shaper tool to build stunning cloud effects,  Explore delicate wispy edges, dramatic tints and shades, as well as building sharp and defined cloud shapes. Learn about controlling and managing colours in this technique with ‘the rule of three’ and ‘bridging colours’. This is an exciting and fun challenge suitable for all.

Each morning there will be a new pre-recorded video ready for you to watch, where Sandra will go over the day’s steps.

The videos are around 10 minutes long (although the first is 20) and you can fit your painting around work or other daily routines. The only element that is fixed is the Live Q&As.

You can share your progress in the dedicated community group for feedback from Sandra and other participants.

There will be people taking part from all over the world so don’t worry about timings. It’s a very relaxed approach with no time restrictions.


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Course Includes

  • 16 Lessons