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Wild Seas with Robert Dutton

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Wild Seas Written Guide

Spring Tide – Anglesey, North Wales
Watercolour, Acrylic Ink, Gouache and Unison Colour pastel on Canson

Moulin du Roy 300gsm (140lb) ‘Not’ watercolour paper

20 x 22 inches (51 x 56cm)

The challenge for this painting was to capture the light, the sense of place and the expression of the moment all in one. Topographic accuracy was important without the painting becoming too photographic or over exaggerated in detail.

I think there is just enough of everything. Striking a balance between all of these things is like continually walking a tightrope. One more mark, one more layer and it would have vanished into thin air. I think the balance is right!

The final clean bright Unison Colours added to the cliffs (Green 29, 33, Green 35), the sea (Blue Green 2, 9, 16 and 17) and blended in the sky with Unison Colours Ocean blue 5 and 8  mixed and worked along side Blue Violet 5, 8,12 and 16, really brought the whole painting together.

There’s no doubt about the popularity of seascape paintings with lots of different artists and to be honest, I’m no exception.

I live in North Yorkshire and in my part of the world I can be by the East coast of Yorkshire in less than an hour. There are intimate coves, dramatic open seascapes and beaches as well as dramatic plunging cliffs full of seabirds in the early Summer months.


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