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Sunflower Collage with Judy Tate

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Sunflower Collage Materials

My Aim : to create a still life floral painting that is lively and colourful with lots of exciting mark making.

For this project I will be working in a series of 3 paintings – my intention being to gain confidence with my colour and mark making as the series goes on.

I have not listed specific colours here as you really can go with the flow both in terms of products and colours! Just enjoy the process 

For the underpainting 

I used clear Art Spectrum Colourfix  paper but any reasonably heavy textured watercolour paper will do OR any pastel paper that also takes water.

Rigid drawing board, masking tape.

Golden soft gel gloss (or similar to act as the glue).

Clear Gesso (I used Liquitex).

Coloured tissue papers for collage ( or alternatively newspaper would work).

Various printing tools – bubble wrap, textured wallpaper – whatever you have  in terms of acrylic painting products – inks, fluids, gouache – I used a mixture of Golden, Liquitex and Daler Rowney FW products but any will be fine.

Starting to paint with soft pastels 

For this demo I used Unison Colour pastels in the following colour ranges: – 

GN – green 

Y – yellow   

BV – blue violet

BG – Blue green

A few extra soft pastels, charcoal stick.

A few pastel pencils (any make, I used Pitt Pastel, Stabilo and Caran D’Ache).

Hard bristle brush.

Some pipe insulation cut up.


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