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Summer River Reflections – Introduction

The principle aim of this course is to demonstrate the versatility of Unison Colours when combined with other media and to show how Unison Colour can also be used on a different support – not just pastel paper.

To this aim Canson Heritage 300gsm (140lb) ‘hot pressed’ 100% cotton watercolour paper was used. The bespoke size 20 x 22 inches is cut from a full imperial sheet of watercolour paper 22 x 30 inches.

As demonstrated, an under painting using acrylic inks (of mixed brands) on the white watercolour paper, used in an exciting way, allowing the colours to flow and be manipulated from an both an upright and flatter angled easel with freedom expression with control at the same time.

Running flowing intermixed colours which are then layered with beautiful responsive Unison Colour soft pastels create an exciting, engaging painting with a spectacular result!

Unison Colours used:

Dark Green 13
Yellow 11
Yellow 10
Green 30
Green 36
Green 10
Additional 33
Additional 43
Green 7
Dark 24
Dark 19
Red 9

Unison colour Fixative


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