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Snow Shadows with Fiona Carvell

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Snow Shadows

This piece is all about speed and expression. Working quickly can be very freeing as it forces you to be more spontaneous in how you apply the pastel, which can result in mark making which is lively and personal. With practice, working in this way can help you to discover your own interpretation of a scene as opposed to recreating a photograph exactly.

If you are not sure about working quickly, try creating one version to begin with at your usual pace and then a second version with a time limit.

I used a more limited colour selection in order to help with this but you may want to adapt/ add your own colours as you wish, according to how detailed and true to the reference photo you would like to be.

I would encourage you to try to simplify your composition, as I have done, and to explore mark making as a means of building up textures and depth.


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