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Rainbow Lorikeet Pastel Colours

We all see colour and tonal values differently. If you do not have the same colours I am using for this demonstration available to you, choose another similar colour or purchase additional colours before beginning.

Most of the colours used for the rainbow lorikeet are shown in this photograph. During the workshop I did add some additional pencils which remain within the same colour palette of the soft pastels.

I will be using a range of soft pastels and pastel pencils.
If you don’t have the same pastels or colours, please refer to your reference photograph and either hold your pastels up to the colours you want to closely represent, or do a little colour swatch and hold it against the reference photo.

The main thing for this workshop is to try and have a light, mid and dark value of each bright colour to create depth when layering .

Colour selection

(Please remember to chose your own variants of colour in the absence of those listed. The image of the pastels I selected should also assist you).

Unison Colour

  • Greens 1, 7, 8, 26, 27, 34
  • Yellow A9
  • Blue Green 3, 5, 9
  • Red 9
  • Orange A16
  • Dark 21
  • CB1 (very dark blue/ black selection)


  • Red violet (used for base along with a dark blue)
  • Greens Permanent Green light 618.5 and 618.8
  • Yellow Deep Yellow 202.7
  • Blue Ultramarine Deep 506.5, ultramarine light 505.5 and 505.8
  • Red Permanent deep 371.5 , light 370.5
  • Orange  light 236.5


 463 (Very dark blue)


A range of pencils were used including;

Faber Castell Pitt Pastels, Creta Color, Caran D’Ache, similar tones and colours to your soft pastel collection. You may find including a light blue, light and dark grey, white and black helpful alongside your green, blue and reds.



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