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I recently purchased a set of Unison pastels as I saw colours that would supplement my already extensive stock. In the course of deciding which pastels to use I found that the spectrum of colours in the set ideally matched the palette I required for this painting. The set used is “Additional 37-54” and contained the browns, greys, blues and turquoises I needed. The only colours missing were the greens to paint the grass and I therefore supplemented the set with 4 pastels (Green 12, Green 16 Green 29 and Dark 11).

For my paper I used Sennelier Pastel Card (360g) Dark Blue Grey. This high tooth textured card is made from a thin layer of finely ground cork particles giving it a velvety grain surface. It holds the pastel without the need for fixative, important as some fixatives tend to dull the colours.


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