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Stage 13: Developing the Eye

The eye was initially indicated with the dark blue.  Additional research was needed before I could progress.  The reference photo did not provide adequate information, even when fully zoomed in.  After a quick check on the internet, I had a better idea of what would be expected for the actual eye color of an elephant.  I first darkened the eye itself with black (Nupastel 229).  The lower eyelid was established using dark blue (Dark 18), dark grey/green (Grey 14), and grey/turquoise (A52) that were used early on in developing the skin.  I used dark burnt umber (A37) for the outer ring of color of the iris, with dark red/brown (Grey 13) for the more central color.  I then cleaned up the pupil with the black.  A subtle highlight of sky color was placed using grey/turquoise (A52). 


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