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Forest Glow: Introduction

Inspired by a photo by Unison Helen

I love a forest walk. The dappled light and sounds of the breeze through the trees are always a tonic at the end of a day. Unison Helen sent me this photo from one of her favourite dog walks. I was inspired by the magical light and the glow on the forest foliage. I thought it would make the perfect workshop piece to demonstrate just some of the ways you can work with Unison Colour Soft Pastel and liquid.

We’ll be exploring using liquid with pastel on one of my favourite surfaces, Fisher 400. You can use a similar surface like Uart, Art Spectrum or Mi Teinte Touch. If you don’t have a specialist surface, try building up the layers by smudging rather than using liquid. If you can, investing in Jacksons Art Sanded Sample Pack is a great way of exploring these fantastic surfaces.