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Boat Tutorial with Julie Swan

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Boat Tutorial

I call this image Serenity. I took the reference photo whilst on holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago on the Roseland Peninsula. Such a beautiful place and I really hope you enjoy painting it with this tutorial.

I am very drawn to boats and water, maybe because I grew up on the Thames Estuary in Essex and I love photographing them. When you work from a photo you can be creative about what you do to it to make it more appealing, a little poetic license. You can also edit things in and out as you choose. For instance, I also have the image of the blue dinghy altered with Procreate software on an iPad so that it is a red boat rather than blue. Using a photo editing app allows you play with various elements of your photos to create an image you want.


Paper Fisher 400 (or UART or Pastelmat) 12 x 12 inch

Unison Pastel List

Choose your colours and do a swatch. In the photograph there are some examples of colours that could be used and how I would lay them down to see how they look. I recommend always trying out your colours first on a piece of spare paper because they will often look totally different on the paper and when placed against other colours.

Optional Colours
DK3 DK4 DK8 DK9 DK10 DK12 DK15 DK17 DK24 RE11 YGE17 GN12 GN15BE9 BE11 BE29 BG9 BV12 BG18 BG14 BG17 BV8 BG5 A52 O1 O3  

A few pastel pencils are useful for the fine details such as cutting in around the edge of the boat to sharpen up the edges. You can always use small shards of pastels which I collect and store because they have nice sharp edges.


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